ImmoGest is a free software for managing the monthly rental income of your properties. By clicking on the button on the side, the compressed folder (.zip file) containing the program will be downloaded to your computer. Once downloaded, just "unzip" or "unpack" its contents in a destination folder (even on the Desktop is fine!). The same folder can later be moved to a different location or even put on a USB stick or external hard drive.


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It is a compressed file (.zip) that does not require installation

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Version 5.0.2

 - All email fields can be saved in lowercase.

 - In the payment receipt printout, the print date has been replaced with the payment date instead of the current date.

 - In the "Condominium Fees Payments" section, the label "Fee Type" has been corrected.

 - In the "Lease" panel, the "Contract Number" has been increased from 10 to 20 characters.

Version 5.0.1

 - Restored the startup file StartImmoGest.exe for Windows

Version 5.0.0

 - Added panel for managing Landlord Data

 - Added new field Contract Number in the Lease panel

 - Added new field Tenant's Fiscal Code in the Lease panel

 - Added printing of the rent receipt

 - Added landlord data to the Excel report

 - Added cost management data to the Excel report

Version 4.9.0

 - New section for cost management

 - Custom configuration panel for Cost Center, Cost Type, and Cost Item

 - New alerts in the Deadlines section related to management costs

Version 4.8.1

 - HOLA ... Immogest has also been translated into Spanish

 - HALLO ... Immogest has also been translated into German

Version 4.8.0

 - Added document management for Property, Lease, Condominium

 - The list of deadlines is automatically reloaded when the property is closed

 - Increased font size in the various tables and compilation forms

 - The columns relating to the codes in the various tables have been hidden

Version 4.7.0

 - Export of the deadlines list in Excel format

 - Explanatory ToolTip on the date field of the Renewal Lease Agreement

 - Excel file name with print date suffix

Version 4.6.0

  - Data export in Excel format

Version 4.5.1

  - Conductor name made mandatory

  - Added "mail and telephone" fields related to the tenant in the Location section

  - Added "Cadastral data" fields in the property section

  - Revised format of decimal fields

  - Starting the program with a single launcher "StartImmoGest.jar"

Version 4.5.0

 - Improved graphical interfaces (even on Mac devices)

 - New log system added

Version 4.4.0

- Added possibility to insert reminders for each property

Version 4.3.0

- Added multilingual support

Version 4.2.0

 - Added reminder for "Expiring Leases"

 - Added possibility to delete selected lines with right mouse button menu

 - Improved manual entry of 12 months

 - Colored evidence of non-valued fields

 - New more visible icon


Security warning from Chrome browser

During the download, the browser may issue a security warning. To continue with the download click on the arrow at the top as shown in the figure alongside and then choose the "Keep" option. The zip archive will be saved in the chosen location.

After downloading the zip just extract all its contents in the desired destination folder.

Notes for starting on Windows

When the program is first run, Windows may report a security warning, due to the fact that the software was not downloaded from the Microsoft Store but was produced by an independent programmer. In this case it will be necessary to click on "More information" and immediately after on the button "Run anyway".


Migration to a later version

If you have already entered data in an old version of ImmoGest and you want to upgrade to the latest version (without losing the data already entered) then, follow these simple steps:

1 - Download the new version of ImmoGest on your PC

2 - Extract the zip to the location you prefer (on the Desktop, in the Documents folder, on a USB stick, etc.)

3 - Look for the "Data" folder in the old version of ImmoGest and inside it you will find the file "". Copy this file and paste it into the "Data" folder of the new downloaded version. If it already exists you can also overwrite it!

If Java is not installed on your PC...

The program, to work, needs the software component (JVM) of the Java platform. If the "StartImmoGest.jar" startup file of the ImmoGest program does not have a coffee cup icon, then most likely you do not have Java on your PC. To install it just download it from the site:

Terms of use

The software is licensed for free use of the Freeware type. The source code cannot be modified and cannot be sold or transferred to third parties.

The program is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty and releasing the programmer from any liability arising from malfunctions and / or data loss.